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It's easy to share videos you've found on YouTube with your friends and social networks. Simply click the Share button underneath any video on the Watch page, then select any of the following options:

Link to this video - a shortened URL to the video, which you can copy and paste elsewhere, such a in an email message or IM window. Check the HD URL box, if available, to have the link direct to a high-definition version of the video. 

Email this video - have YouTube send an email to the email address(es) you enter. 

Embed - generate code allowing you to embed the video in your own website or blog. 

Social networks - click the Facebook or Twitter icon, or click the show more link for more options, including orkut, StumbleUpon, and tumblr. Then simply sign in and follow the instructions to share your video.

If your friends haven't received the YouTube videos you've shared with them, please ask them to check their spam/bulk mail folders to see if the emails were sent there. Adding service@youtube.com to their address book or filter exception list may help avoid this problem in the future. You may also want to confirm that you're entering the right email addresses when you share videos.